Product development
With joy and passion

At Grote we only use selected, fresh and regional products.

Our motto is: "If you don't enjoy, you become unenjoyable"

With lots of fun working in product development, we create new products and innovative products almost every day. The focus is on the proximity and the wishes of the customer. Therefore, the following applies to us: there is no such thing as impossible.

During our daily routine, new creations of sandwiches, buns, hot snacks, salads and delicious cakes are created, which we are happy to develop for you and your customers.

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Brötchen mit Käse / Cheese sandwiches
Brötchen mit Käse / Cheese sandwiches
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Brötchen mit Frischkäse / Sandwiches with cream cheese
Brötchen mit Frischkäse / Sandwiches with cream cheese
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Brötchen detailliet / Sandwich detail
Brötchen detailliet / Sandwich detail
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Produkt-Verpackung / Product packaging
Produkt-Verpackung / Product packaging

Of course, all of our innovative products are delivered on time the next day.

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We pay particular attention to regional products with the greatest possible fresh and special aroma. Each roll, coming to us for use is made in our own confectionery with our quality standards. This ensures that we can offer a consistently fresh and crispy bun. The vegetables used are a maximum of 2 to 3 hours old before being placed on the delicious rolls. This enables us to achieve an incomparable freshness that is also valued by your customers the next day. All spreads from tomato basil spread to delicious herbal creams are also freshly produced daily in our house. With this high proportion of our own products, we always have control over the ingredients and recipes used. At the same time, this opens up the possibility of maximum flexibility, creativity and quality.There are no limits to our creativity when it comes to baked cakes and cream. Everything is possible! We can realize any size or weight according to your wishes in the shortest possible time.

There is no standard with us.  

Your wish is our goal!

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Thorsten Sauer

Head of Marketing, Product Development, Operations manager

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