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Sustainable and responsible from the beginning

Enjoyment is our passion, environmental protection is our responsibility.

Ecologically compatible packaging

The environment is a top priority at CGC Grote. Since we already value sustainable and local production of our food, the use of sustainable, compostable and environmentally friendly packaging material is only logical. This is how we want to ensure that our products can be produced and delivered responsibly from the start. We always use recycled material in all packaging made of paper, which was not coated with plastic, but was only refined with organic paint. This benefits the environment.Since the packaging is completely unbleached and is made without any plastics, it could even be eaten without hesitation - however, we recommend the tasty content for consumption.


Unsere Solaranlage / Our solar system
Unsere Solaranlage / Our solar system
├ľkologische Verpackung /  Ecological packaging
├ľkologische Verpackung / Ecological packaging

Individual and modern packaging

State-of-the-art packaging films have been developed in cooperation with German companies especially for sustainable products. These are not based on plastic (no OPP FILM) but on cellophane in conjunction with paper, i.e. wood.

We can represent any design, size and quality with our sustainable packaging materials. Of course, the packaging meets the highest quality and hygiene standards. We cannot save the world with sustainable packaging, but we can do our part for a better future.

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Highest quality - certified!

Our food is certified according to the strictest quality and hygiene regulations.

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Save resources? fits our taste!

We do justice to environmental protection in another special way: Since the beginning of 2015, we have had our own photovoltaic system and state-of-the-art gas condensing heating. The lighting in our buildings has been switched to energy-saving LED technology. Through the optimal use of the latest technology, we are able to source a large part of our energy requirements from renewable sources. This makes our production much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In this respect too, you can enjoy our products without any worries.

You can get a larger overview of our electricity production and the CO2 saved here!

Questions about our packaging or delivery?

If you have any questions about our packaging or delivery, do not hesitate to ask us. Our employees are happy to help you.

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