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Our entire portfolio impresses with short delivery times and consistently high quality

Just-in-time deliveries are part of our great expertise and are guaranteed by various aspects in the manufacturing process. This includes a standardized and at the same time flexible manufacturing process, which enables us to realize the most individual customer and product requests in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our security certification, we are able to equip customer-specific packaging trays with our products and test them before arriving at the airport. This makes it possible to deliver our products directly to the machine at the airport without an additional security check.

Blechkuchen-Produktion / Sheet cake production
Blechkuchen-Produktion / Sheet cake production
Produkt-Verpackung / Product packaging
Produkt-Verpackung / Product packaging
Luftfracht / Air cargo
Luftfracht / Air cargo
Fliegen über Wolken / Flying above clouds
Fliegen über Wolken / Flying above clouds

Those who order from us by 10:00 a.m. can receive the products all over Germany until 8:00 a.m. in their company or directly at the airport

Ecological packaging

All of our packaging is selected based on aspects of environmental compatibility and sustainability. For example, we prefer to use unbleached organic paper for the packaging of our products

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Under the motto "food is my best friend" we have over 60 employees of all national rights up to 60,000 sandwiches and make rolls. The most creative customer requests can be managed. On request, we can provide many of your packaging trays with the best solutions. And all this just in time. Crunchy fresh and crispy as you experience it from a freshly filled bun. It goes without saying that the rights and the day that correspond to the quality standards are specified in the production of the sandwiches. All products are manufactured according to customer problems and after the security check has been carried out by the metal detector. Since CGC Grothe's satisfaction is certified, there is no additional security check at the airport, so that punctual delivery was guaranteed. 

Food defense is very important to us!


More than 10 confectioners make our delicious baked goods every day, be it freshly baked bread rolls or delicious cakes. The professional competence of the confectioners ensures that all recipes are meticulously adhered to at all times and that at the end of the day we pull a top fresh and juicy cake out of the oven. Each raw material used is scanned by the confectioners, booked and correspondingly assigned to the individual recipes in the EDP. In addition, our manufacturing processes are certified according to IFS Food. This ensures that you receive a high quality product. 

As our confectioners say: "If there is cake, there is also hope"

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Michael Theunißen

Production manager

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